Reserch Paper
Analysis and Seasonal Variations of Physico-Chemical Characteristics in a Fresh Water Lake of Warangal District, Telangana State
Rajani. V and G. Benarjee
The American Journal Science and Medical Research; 6(1); 7-11
Received: 2 March 2020; Accepted: 10 April 2020; Published: 15 April 2019
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Research Article
In silico Molecular Docking Studies of meroditerpenoids of Stypopodium flabelliforme against FOXO1
Rakesh Davella and Estari Mamidala
The American Journal of Science and Medical Research; 6(1); 12-15
Received: 12 December 2019; Accepted: 18 March 2020; Published: 21 March 2020
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